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Mechanical Design Process, 6th edition

The Mechanical Design Process, a standard in design process education, is now available at a new low price.  In late 2017 Ullman regained the copyright from McGraw Hill and self-published the 6th edition at $49.95, less than half the previous list price.

Whether teaching a course on the design process, a senior design course, or a capstone; there are many resources in The Mechanical Design Process that can help students learn how to better design products.  


Beyond its title, The Mechanical Design Process is a book for all product designers.  It provides students with a holistic, systematic view of how to discover their customers’ needs and see them through to on-time, cost effective, quality products.


This is a very practical text as it helps students work from understanding the need, through prototyping and testing, all the way to production.  Specifically, the methods explained will help  students develop good habits during:

  • Problem understanding

  • Concept generation

  • Concept selection

  • Decision making

  • Functional modeling

  • Product generation

  • Product evaluation

  • Managing teams

  • Designing for cost, assembly, manufacture, sustainability and more


The new edition features:

  • 50 best practices for product design

  • 25 templates that can be downloaded from the book’s website to support the best practices and assist students as they document their work

  • A new companion book with 13 case studies that feature real world examples of the best practices each developed with practicing engineers

  • Detailed explanations of proven design methods that help ensure students can develop quality products in a timely manner

  • Engineering aphorisms to encourage good design habits


The Mechanical Design Process has been described as one of the best systems design books available.  Thus, it is well suited for non-MEs and it is a must for design process, senior design, and capstone courses. 

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