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Design Decision Making

Since 1995 David Ullman has been working on methods and tools to support decision-making when information is uncertain, conflicting, incomplete, and evolving as it is in most design problems. Over the years he has referred to his methods as Robust Decision Making, emphasizing the basis in uncertainty. 


Decision-making cuts across many fields.  Ullman

has applied his methods to a wide range of applications. 

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Recently he has used Robust Decision methods as a foundation for Decision Architecture, the matching

of methods to  Enterprise Architecture decision issues. Decision Architecture and why it is important to making agile, acquisition, gap resolution, and other Enterprise Architecture decisions is explored in two white papers that have been published in the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal. The goal of the first paper is to develop the basic structure of Decision Architecture and tie it to existing Enterprise Architecture standards, associated architectures, and decision-making support methods.  To read  the first decision architecture white paper "What Is Decision Architecture And Why Is It Important to Making Agile, Acquisition, Gap Resolution, and Other EA Decisions":

The goal of the second white paper is to review government and other standards to see how they support Decision Architecture.  Additionally, Decision Architecture’s support for agile processes is developed.  To read the second decision architecture white paper "Decision Architecture in EA Standards and Agile Programming":

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