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Books by David G. Ullman

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According to Google Scholar Ullman's work has been cited over 7,000 times with 2,000 citations in the last five years.  His i10-index (the number of publications with at least 10 citations) is 42 overall, and 15 in the last five years. He has nine works (not counting his books) with more than 100 citations (in red below).   Many of his publications are available on Research Gate or as pdfs below.
Design process publications 

  • Mechanical Design Methodology: Implications on Future Developments of Computer-Aided Design and Knowledge-Based Systems  (abstract) (pdf)

  • Protocol Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Design (abstract) (pdf)

  • A Model of the Mechanical Design Process Based on Empirical Data (abstract) (pdf)

  • A Comparison of the Results of Empirical Studies into the Mechanical Design Process (abstract) (pdf)

  • The Importance of Drawing in the Mechanical Design Process (abstract) (pdf)

  • The Design Capture System: Capturing Back-of-the-envelope Sketches (abstract) (pdf)

  • Fundamental Processes of Mechanical Designers Based on Empirical Data (abstract) (pdf)

  • The Information Requests of Mechanical Design Engineers (abstract) (pdf)

  • A Taxonomy for Mechanical Design (abstract)(pdf)

  • The Evolution of Commitments in the Design of a Component (abstract)(pdf)

  • The Evolution of Function and Behaviour During Mechanical Design (abstract) (pdf)

  • Issues Critical to the Development of Design History, Design Rationale, and Design Intent Systems (abstract) (pdf)

  • Analysis of Protocol Data to Identify Product Information Evolution and Decision Making Process (abstract) (pdf)

  • Toward the Ideal Mechanical Engineering Support System (abstract)(pdf)

  • Preliminary Results of an Experimental Study of the Mechanical Design Process (pdf)

  • The Functions of Plastic Injection Moulding Features (abstract)(pdf

  • A Data Representation for Collaborative Mechanical Design (abstract)(pdf)

  • A Comparison Between the Provision of Information to Engineering Designers in the UK and the USA (pdf)

  • A Computer-Based Design History Tool (pdf)

  • Design: The Evolution of Infomation Punctuated by Decisions (pdf)

  • Design Histories: Archiving the Evolution of Products (pdf)

  • Design History Knowledge Representation and its Basic Implementation (pdf)

  • General Feature-Based Frame Representation for Describing Mechanical Engineering Design Developed from Empirical Data (pdf)

  • How Understanding the Design Process May Change Engineering Education (pdf)

  • Recognize Features from Freehand Sketches (pdf)

  • Scrum for Hardware Design (pdf)

  • Team Roles in Mechanical Design (pdf)

  • The Capstone Design Process at Oregon State University (pdf)

  • The Foundations of the Modern Design Environment: An Imaginary Retrospective (pdf)

  • Toward Expert CAD (pdf)

Aeronautics publications 
  • Using Vortex Generators to Enhance Pusher Aircraft Cooling (page) (pdf)

  • Comparing Air Taxi Visions (page) (pdf)

  • The Electric Powered Aircraft: Technical Challenges (page)(pdf)

  • Hear the Hum (page)(pdf)

  • The IDEAL for Near-VTOL Aircraft (pdf)

  • Equations for Comparing Air Taxi Visions (page) (pdf)

  • Electric Air Vehicle Performance Prospects: Comparing eVTOL versus USTOL (powerpoint pdf)

  • Predictions for 2050 (powerpoint pdf)

  • Wind Tunnel Design (page) (powerpoint pdf)

  • The IDEAL Project: An Interim Report (page) (pdf)

  • The Promise of Electric STOL: eSTOL (pdf)

  • Distributed Electric Ducted Fan WIng (US patent) (pdf)

Decision Making publications 
  • A Decision Architecture Whitepaper Part 1/2 (abstract) (pdf)

  • A Decision Architecture Whitepaper Part 2/2 (abstract) (pdf

  • Taxonomy for classifying engineering decision problems and support systems (abstract) (pdf)

  • OO-OO-OO The Sound of the Broken OODA Loop  (detail page) (pdf)

  • Trade Studies with Uncertain Information (detail page)  (pdf)       

  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Based Decisions (detail page) (pdf)

  • Decision-Thinking in PLM (detail page) (pdf)

  • Decisions of the 3rd kind  (pdf)

  • BACH (Bayesian Analysis of Competing Hypotheses) A Robust Decision Support and Analytical Tool  (abstract)  (pdf)

  • What to Do Next: Using Problem Status to Determine the Course of Action (abstract) (pdf)

  • Robust Decision-Making for Engineering Design  (abstract) (pdf)

  • The Ideal Engineering Decision Support System  (abstract) (pdf)

  • Making Robust Decisions: Decision Management for Technical, Business, and Service Teams (pdf)

  • Computer Support for Design Team Decisions (pdf)

  • General Decision-Making Support Method and System (US patent) (pdf)

  • How Robust Decision-Making Improves Project Management (pdf)

Other publications 


  • What Takata Airbag Inflators Imply For Products Liability Litigation (page)(pdf)

  • Optimal Design of Traction Drive Continuously Variable Transmissions (pdf)
  • An Introduction to the Variable Inertia Flywheel (VIF) (abstract) (pdf)

  • The Accelerating Flywheel) (pdf)

  • A band Variable-Inertia Flywheel Integrated-Urban Transit Bus Performance (pdf)

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