Updated 11/18


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Product Designer

In his heart, David Ullman is a designer.   While much of his career was spent helping others learn how to design, he did find time to design products himself. 


A high point was during the 1990s when he founded and designed products for BikeE, the largest recumbent bicycle manufacturer in the world.  The "AT" model, shown, was given awards as one of the best bicycles of the era.  Over 30,000 of his bicycles were sold during BikeE's ten year life.  

Currently he is consulting with a company designing a high-end electric tricycle.  He is assisting the team with drive-train  details, and supporting the design-for-assembly, design-for-manufacture and human factors efforts.  

He has also designed products in the health care, transit and wood products industries.

He is best known as a product design author. The Mechanical Design Process, a text on how to successfully approach design problems has been read by over 50,000 students and professionals.  His papers on the fundamentals of design are widely cited, some with over 400 references.   Links to his most cited work are found on the Technical Author page.