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Expert Witness


Ullman provides the following Expert Witness services:

  • Products Liability
  • Product Risk Assessment
  • Product Risk Mitigation
  • Design Process Quality
  • Design Decisions
  • Product Failure

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Mechanical Design

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Ullman is a leader in mechanical design education, products liability, product safety/reliability, and product development. His book The Mechanical Design Process, 6th edtion, is required reading at many Universities and referenced in many industries.  For detials about the text, case studies that support it and templates for the best practices included in it, Click Here.  Buy at Barnes and Noble or AmazonAlso available is The Mechanical Design Process Case Studies

Decision Making


Decisions are the punctuation marks in business, engineering, and technology. Yet the decision making activities are poorly understood or supported. Ullman has applied robust decision making methods - those that take into account uncertain, conflicting and evolving information - to the fields listed below.  Click on topics below to see details and links to white papers.


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 Ullman has recently focused his engineering expertice on aeronautics and airplane design.  His students published a book of aviation predicitons in January 2017. He also is developing electric ducted fan propulsion systems and has built and instrumented a wind tunnel to study these concepts.  Read More

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